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Condé Nast Traveler

Editor's Letter: More Than Ever, We're Hungry for New Experiences

Let this issue's exploration of evolving food cultures help you decide where to travel next.
Bon Appétit

What the Bon Appétit Staff Is Buying for Amazon Prime Day 2022

We’ve got our eyes on Vitamixes, Zojirushi rice cookers, Instant Pots—and yep, a mattress.
Vanity Fair

Report: Trump Thinks a 2024 Presidential Run Will Keep Him Out of Prison

The former president is reportedly banking on a White House bid to stave off criminal charges.
Spotlight: The Latest on The Coronavirus
Vanity Fair

The Trump Family Behaves Exactly How You’d Expect in Documentary Subpoenaed by Jan. 6 Committee

Vapid, unhinged, and in potentially compromising positions that could come back to haunt them.
Bon Appétit

Why and How You Should Butterfly Shrimp

All you need is a paring knife and a little patience.

What Will the 2022 Song of the Summer Be?

From a Bad Bunny banger to Beyoncé's house revival to Kate Bush's Netflix-fueled return to pop success, we take the temperature on 12 of this year’s contenders.
Architectural Digest

9 Chef’s Kitchens That Are Enviably Chic and Spacious

From Portland to Upstate New York and back, these chef’s kitchens pass the taste test
Condé Nast Traveler

Who You Should Travel With, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologer Susan Miller on where you should go, and who to bring.
The New Yorker

What We’re Reading This Summer

New Yorker writers recommend books featuring a nineteenth-century love triangle, trans zombie hunters, revelry with the Rolling Stones, and more.

12 TikTok-Famous Products to Buy During Amazon Prime Day 2022

If it's on your FYP, it's probably already on sale.

Why Do Potatoes Turn Green? And Can You Still Eat Them?

Steer clear of potatoes with eyes, shoots, and a greenish tint. Learn the best way to store potatoes and when you probably shouldn’t eat them.

Frank Ocean’s “Blue Whale” In the Room

Ten years after Frank Ocean came out, we're revisiting one of his most overlooked songs.

How a Group of Murderers Became Skyrim's Most Beloved Faction

With friends like these, you definitely won't need enemies. Or the main story campaign, for that matter.
Vanity Fair

Behold The Woman King: Viola Davis on Playing Real-Life Warrior General 

An exclusive talk with Davis and director Gina Prince-Bythewood about making a groundbreaking historical epic, out this fall. 

R. Kelly Removed From Suicide Watch Days After Suing Prison

He said he had not been considering self-harm after receiving a 30-year sentence last week
Architectural Digest

Inside LeBron James’s Sizable Real Estate Portfolio

The NBA star owns properties in his home state of Ohio, in Florida, and in California