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A Bold Effort to Cure HIV—Using Crispr

An experiment tests whether the gene-editing technology can stop the virus from replicating, which would ultimately wipe out the infection.

Britney Spears Got Her Shortest Haircut Yet

Britney has become Bobney.

Rage Against the Machine Cancel 2023 North American Tour

Zack de la Rocha explained that his leg injury has made it impossible for him to play more reunion shows
Vanity Fair

Surprise: Trump, a Pathological Liar, Reportedly Asked His Lawyer to Lie to the Government About His Classified-Documents Cache

The ex-president wanted his lawyer to say he’d returned everything in February, which was obviously not the case.
The New Yorker

The Six Stages of Having Too Many Books

What happens when a mere shelf will not do.

Skip the Boxed Pudding Mix. Banana Cream Pie Is Better Without It

This totally from-scratch version of the classic has a silky custard filling and a whipped cream topping with a hint of bourbon.
Teen Vogue

A Plea to Fashion Media: Stop Covering Ye Uncritically

"It’s time to draw a clear line in the sand."

Christian Bale Keeps Trying to Quit Hollywood

He’s spent decades pretending to not be himself. Now, at 47, one of the world’s greatest actors speaks with rare candor about navigating a career he never quite chose and building a life he sometimes can't fathom.

Check Your Fridge, Friends: 25 Brands of Cheese Were Just Recalled

The products were sold at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Giant, and others.
Bon Appétit

What Is the Hanky Panky? A Historic Cocktail That Never Gets Old

This 1920s recipe is as simple as it gets.

In the New Scooby Doo Movie, Velma Is Finally Out and Proud

And she has her eyes on her very own Scooby Snack.

The Mediterranean Sea Is So Hot, It’s Forming Carbonate Crystals

In the rapidly warming Eastern Mediterranean, water stratifies into layers, like a cake. That’s allowing carbon-spewing crystals to form.

18 Musicians on Their Favorite Albums of the ’90s

Jewel, Beth Orton, Maxwell, American Football’s Mike Kinsella, and more share the ’90s album that they cherish most.
Architectural Digest

Farmhouse Fixer: Jordan Knight Is Joining Jonathan to Relocate an Entire Home

How the brothers and NKOTB bandmates pulled off this feat—plus an exclusive look at this week’s episode